The Learning Library of the C Space is a source of learning for members.

Inside this library are a range of resources, which we will constantly add to, that leadership coaches will find useful. The Learning Library is a rich reservoir of reading resources, links to videos, downloads, etc. Come spend ten minutes here to enrich your thinking, rejuvenate your practice and feed your curiosity.

We will be posting things regularly and invite you to share resources you come across that might be useful to add to this library.

Summer Resources

First – a Center for Creative Leadership White Paper; Leadership Development Beyond Competencies – Moving to a Holistic Approach. We want to share it with you as it aligns so closely to our approach to leadership coaching and the importance we place on the interplay between the leader’s inner world and outer world.

More Beautiful Questions

This collection of items in the library look at Warren Berger’s new book, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas and the relationship between the frame proposed in the book and one of the frames at the heart of our coaching approach: The See-Stretch-Support model.

Appreciative Inquiry and Leadership Coaching

This collection of items in the library offers your several avenues to explore Appreciative Inquiry, and how it links to coaching and leadership development.

Mindset matters for success and happiness

This collection of items in the library explores Dr. Carol Dweck’s theory of the “success mindset” – a mindset focused on growth rather than a fixed mindset. These resources will take you more or less deep into the theory and research, depending on your inclination.

Strengths: Power source or perilous pitfall?

This collection of items in the library explores the case for and against a focus on strengths, and takes a deeper look at a strength-based approach to leadership, leadership development and coaching.

Learning in a World of Constant Change

This series of items in the library all touch on the topic of the new culture of learning needed in our constantly and rapidly changing world.