Welcome to the C Space, a virtual community meeting place specifically for leadership coaches. We are launching the C Space because we want to create an intimate forum where we coaches can play and learn together. Ironically, although coaching is a “contact sport” coaches often tell us they are lonely, hungry for conversation about what they are doing, and eager to connect in a learning community. Graduates of programs tell us they miss the support they experienced going through training. Participants in our accreditation program tell us they want more opportunities to keep learning, in community.

It is about connecting, collaborating and creating together. This word collage expresses what this space is all about.
C Space Wordle Visual Small

We created this C Space for leadership coaches as a concrete way to express our three core aspirations:

  1. Be a positive force in the world
  2. Be mindful in how we engage with the world
  3. Live with a deep sense of our interconnectedness with humanity
Membership to the C Space is free. By joining you have free access to our monthly Coaching Salons. Metaphorically, we are inviting you into our salon for a conversation – once a month. Gather around our fire, drink tea with us. You also have free access to our Learning Library – a reservoir of coaching resources, articles, book recommendations, videos, etc. And we invite you to listen to and contribute to the Voices and Views feature. And, when it suits you, join us for our accredited coach training programs and continuing education Programs.

Four good reasons to become a member of the C Space?
  1. Connection
  2. Collaboration
  3. Community
  4. Continuous learning
C Space is a virtual meeting place where creative minds come to inspire and be inspired, to experiment and to learn with and from other creative minds.

Lots more coming soon!